General Information

Summit Venue

The Plenary Hall and the Working Halls, as well as the rest areas and meeting rooms, the National Delegation Offices, the Press Centres, and other workplaces at the Euro-Mediterranean Summit are all found in the Barcelona International Convention Centre (also known by its Spanish initials, CCIB), located on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, 8 km from the centre of Barcelona and 13 km from El Prat Airport.

Delegations from member countries of the Barcelona Process will each have access to a fully-equipped Working Hall.

HM the King of Spain will host a dinner for the Heads of State and of Government attending the Summit, on the evening of Sunday, 27th November.

Simultaneously, the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation will host a dinner for his colleagues.



- The Euro-Mediterranean Summit will bring together Heads of State/Government and Delegates from the Member States of the European Union, countries in the EU admissions process and candidates, as well as countries from the Southern Mediterranean that are members of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, also known as the Barcelona Process.

Delegations from Barcelona Process members may participate with a maximum of 12 Delegates, as well as 5 Security personnel.

- Other participants in the Euro-Mediterranean Summit, with Permanent Observer status, are the Delegations from Libya and Mauritania, as well as the presided by the Secretary General of the Arab League.

Those Delegations with Permanent Observer status may have a maximum number of 6 Delegates, as well as no more than 5 Security personnel.

- A series of Countries and Organisations may also attend the Summit as Guest Observers: the European Investment Bank, the Arab Maghreb Union, the Economic and Social Committee, and the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures. These Delegations may have a maximum of two members.


Delegations from Barcelona Process member countries, as well as those having Permanent Observer or Guest Observer status at the Barcelona Summit, will be given, as appropriate, a gold pin for Heads of State/Government, a silver pin for Ministers of Foreign Affairs, and accreditations of red or blue.

The type and number of accreditations to be given to these Delegations will be communicated directly to their representatives in an official statement.

These pins and accreditations will be compulsory for entering the different restricted access areas of the Summit.


Spain, as the host country, will pay, for the night of 27th November: 4 hotel rooms for Delegations from Barcelona Process members countries (except for MEDA Programme countries, which will be financed by the European Commission), and 2 rooms per country or institutional Delegation participating as a Permanent Observer or Guest Observer.

Transportation and airports

The Spanish Organising Commission will offer each Official Delegation appropriate high-end vehicles and a minivan.

The main Airport for arrivals of Heads of State and of Government and members of Delegations will be El Prat International Airport, in Barcelona.  As alternative airports, depending on the type of airplane, Saragossa, Reus, and Gerona will be used.

Details on the established system for official shuttles and caravans will be communicated to the Delegations personally (not through the Website).

Liason Officers

The Organising Commission will have Liaison Officers in charge of assisting and informing the Official Delegations, both during the days prior to the Summit, and during their presence in Barcelona on 27th and 28th November 2005.



Since Spain is part of the Schengen Area, Schengen Regulations will be in force regarding the entry on Spanish soil of the Delegates, as well as that of duly accredited media representatives attending the a la Euro-Mediterranean Summit.

Those Delegates and media representatives who, due to their nationality, require a visa to enter a Schengen Area country, must apply for a visa at the Spanish Embassy corresponding to their place of residence, by a Verbal Note from the Foreign Minister of the Official Delegation, or by a letter signed by the highest representative of the Institution invited as a Guest Observer, or of the interested media outlet.

Other Information

The different Delegations shall be informed directly regarding the provisional Activities Programme for the Summit, the dates for advance preparation visits to the Summit venue in Barcelona, the languages to be used in the different working sessions, procedures for the accreditation of Delegates, and other organisational matters.