Valencia Region

Area: 23,254 km²
Population: 4.16 million
Capital: Valencia

The Valencia Region has a long Mediterranean coastline, with many tourist attractions and vacation destinations.   One of its main attractions is the city of Valencia, a major urban centre bursting with history.  The city boasts such notable cultural institutions as the City of Arts and Sciences and the Prince Felipe Museum, a modern complex designed by the celebrated Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava, which also includes the largest aquarium in Europe.

Valencia, which will host the 2007 America’s Cup, is known around the world for its Las Fallas festival.  During a week in the month of March, the city thrills to the sound of music, the spectacle of fireworks displays, and parades featuring hundreds of humorous, satirical carnival floats.  Valencian cuisine, with the world-famous paella as its signature dish, is another major attraction in this region. 

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