Area: 19 km²
Population: 71,505
Capital: Ceuta

Located on the northern coast of Africa, the Autonomous City of Ceuta is a crucible of two cultures which have coexisted for centuries and which, out of their common history, have created a city that brings together different religions and customs.  An example is the annual Flamenco Festival, which features leading guitarists, singers, and dancers, reflecting the cultural heritage of Andalusia; and a stroll around Ceuta’s streets will show the different religions that share one of Spain’s two Autonomous Cities.  The different fortifications that have been built down the centuries have made Ceuta the only city in Spain that preserves its original Renaissance military architecture, including a navigable moat which is still used today.

Its coast, bordering on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, features beaches with mountains looming just behind them, adding to the beauty of the shoreline.  The longest stretch of sand, Chorillo beach, 1.2 km long, is the most popular, due to its closeness to the city centre.


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