Area: 87,581 km²
Population: 7.36 million
Capital: Seville

Andalusia is located on the southern end of Europe, and therefore could be called the point of union between Europe and Africa, as well as the point of encounter between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.  This region’s role as a cultural crucible has left a vast legacy, with such stellar examples as La Alhambra in Granada or the great Mosque of Cordoba, both on the World Heritage List, along with the cities of Úbeda and Baeza, in the province of Jaén.

The diversity and ecological richness of Andalusia ranges from the highest peaks on the Iberian Peninsula in Sierra Nevada (Granada) to the extensive wetlands of Doñana National Park, volcanic deserts, and a long coastline with many kilometres of beaches.  This is one of the hottest regions in Spain, with high temperatures and a dry climate in summer, and mild winters with intermittent rains.


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